A Day in the Life

A day in the Life of…

As guests of the Bright Yellow House, this is your vacation, so you can set the timelines that you would like to follow. We certainly encourage early mornings to maximize your day of riding.

A typical day starts with the household awakening to the smell of coffee brewing and the fire going. While guests sit enjoying their morning coffee, the smell of breakfast cooking in the kitchen ensures that healthy appetites are coming to the table. After breakfast guests make their way to the “Boggan Barn” and prepare their sleds for the days adventure. Your adventure each day will depend upon the weather as to whether it is a lowlands day or whether it is a mountain day.

Lunch is a trailside lunch prepared on the trail for guests and is typically served in an area that either has a fabulous view or in what we call “a lund” or sheltered spot.

Once back at the Bright Yellow House guests will again bring their appetites to the table, after a day riding in the fresh air, for a piping hot home cooked meal. After supper (dinner) guests are encouraged to sit and indulge in conversation, some beverages or a good ol’ nap, either in the Bright Yellow House or the “Boggan Barn”. For those that wear GoPro’s maybe even sit and have some chuckles of some less than stellar moments that may have been caught on video!

Next day… repeat.

The Bright Yellow House

The Bright Yellow House sits 3-stories high on the point in the Community of Meadows. Its color is a warm welcome to all visitors that frequent it’s four walls. The view from the front decks is absolutely amazing, as you gaze at the vastness overlooking the Bay of Islands and the Blow Me Down Mountain range and you deep breathe the fresh, salty sea air.

As you enter, the warmth of the wood wraps around you and beckons you to come in, put your feet up and enjoy your stay. The Bright Yellow House has very rustic décor and you feel as though you are away for a vacation with your friends at their cottage. But in this one, you get to sit back and relax and let us look after you.

The house is equipped with 4 bedrooms which has 4 queen beds, 1 twin bed and one double bed. There is also an overflow room with a twin bed for that person that likes to snore! The Bright Yellow House can host 4 couples or 7 individuals. There are three bathrooms, a powder room and laundry facilities for guests. The house has a wonderful sitting and dining area where people can gather and rehash the days events over a wonderfully prepared home cooked meal. The Bright Yellow House has satellite TV and wifi if you really feel the need to know what the outside world is doing

In addition to hanging around the Bright Yellow House, there has been many an occasion where a good ol’ Shed Party has been known to happen up at the “Boggan Barn” with the wood stove blazing and some Newfie tunes playing. Many guests have been made “honorary Newfoundlanders” during our famous “Screech-in” ceremony during these shed parties.

Your experience at the Bright Yellow House can be whatever you want it to be!

If you choose to come back and visit during the other three seasons the Bright Yellow House is available for rent on Airbnb. Please feel free to check us out at our Airbnb Listing

Don’t leave home without…

Guests are responsible for bringing their own riding gear – boots, suits, helmet, mitts/gloves and whatever is needed to ensure your warmth and comfort. Temperatures are not extremely cold, typically -5 to -10, but we have been known to have some chilly days in the -20’s when the wind is howling on the mountaintops. If you do by chance forget something, after many years of snowmobiling our tickle truck is quite full so we can probably help you out!

Your riding experience..

Your riding adventure is largely dependent upon what Mother Nature throws at you. If the sun is shining, head to the hills! If it is overcast, stick to the trails and the lowlands. Your ride will involve a combination of groomed trail riding, single track, through the trees riding, and vast expanses of wide-open spaces on mountaintops. Your experience will be what you make it, remember just because you have not done it before, don’t limit yourself because there are always alternate routes. Your experience is shaped by what you want to do. Adventurers can highmark in the bowls and the less adventurous can sit back and watch the show. Either way, you will not be disappointed!