Your Hosts

We are Penny Brake and Kirk Hastings, the Newfie and the Flatlander. At the age of 7 I fell hopelessly in love with 2-stroke smoke. It was a love affair that has lasted throughout the decades. I was so fortunate to be a member of the Newfoundland and Labrador Snowmobile Federation at its inception, when a groomed snowmobile trail network was a mere fantasy. Through hard work of volunteers, sponsorships and Government funding we were able to make our dreams a reality and develop a snowmobile trail network across the island. My involvement in this endeavour has always been among some of my proudest accomplishments.

Part of my duties was to spread the good word at any and all events possible to entice individuals to visit and partake of what our beautiful province has to offer the snowmobiler. One such event I frequented annually was the International Snowmobile Show in Toronto. My participation was in partnership with our affiliation in Labrador who was spreading the word about Cain’s Quest Snowmobile Endurance Race.

It was at this venue that I met Kirk Hastings, a long-time avid snowmobiler who was looking for an adventure. Little did he know his sense of adventure was going to have him traverse across the rugged, unforgiving terrain that makes up the Big Land in Labrador! Since his initial entry in Cain’s Quest in 2008, he ran the race a total of 4 times and we filmed it for Snowmobiler TV once. His last race in 2014 was a podium finish for him in third place.

Together we have always wanted to be able to show people the wonderful beauty that we have in the mountains on the island of Newfoundland. We have made this into a unique island getaway through our Bright Yellow House Snowmobile B&B on the West Coast of the island, just outside of Corner Brook. We bring to you a vast knowledge of the area and the industry in general and we like nothing better than to ride and talk about it.